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    Legacy Ledger - August 2021: Issue 12

    NAFC Legacy Ledger: Issue 12, August 2021: Introducing the 2021 Legacy NAFC Chair Family: The Wilson/McMonigle Family!   Please enjoy this month's issue as we welcome our 2021/2022 Legacy NAFC Chair Family. This is the official launch of this year's alumni membership campaign drive. Will YOU join us in supporting NAFC Schools? https://bit.ly/3s5VYst
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    $36,722 in Classroom Grants Awarded in August

    We are thrilled to announce our first round of Great Classroom Project grants were approved today! 65 projects were funded in NAFCS classrooms all across the district for a total of $36,722 this month. This program has provided nearly $900,000 in classroom resources since 2011. Congratulations to our outstanding educators and thank you to our Legacy NAFC members who make these projects and more possible.   Learn more here: https://www.nafcedfoundation.org/initiatives_posts/greatclassroomprojects/
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