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    $20,000 Awarded To NAFCS Teachers for Classroom Resources

    This week, the NAFC Education Foundation awarded $20,000 to 80 NAFCS teachers through their Great Classroom Project grant opportunity. Teachers may apply for $250 towards classroom resources and COVID-19 response resources. The Foundation has committed $75,000 to Great Classroom Projects this year and will continue to fund classroom needs until all funding is distributed.  Great Classroom Projects were started in 2009 to provide additional resources to creative teachers for learning opportunities that enhance the educational and curricular objectives of their classrooms. Since that time, over $800,000 in classroom resources have been put into the hands of teachers and students in all 16 NAFC schools. For more information, please visit: https://www.nafcedfoundation.org/initiatives_posts/greatclassroomprojects/
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    Become a Legacy NAFC Member and Make an Impact!

    Looking for a way to make a significant and positive impact on New Albany Floyd County (NAFC) schools? We encourage you to become a member of Legacy NAFC, an initiative of the New Albany Floyd County Education Foundation. Legacy NAFC’s founding principle is that graduates of all NAFC schools, no matter their age or generation, benefitted from a top-class educational experience and have a shared understanding of the important academic, social and personal foundations provided by the district’s high schools. Through the program, conscientious alumni can give back to the community that shaped them to allow future generations of students to have those same experiences. Members of Legacy NAFC assist the foundation in its goals of providing important resources for all students and teachers. We strongly believe our school district deserves a tremendous amount of support from the alumni who have benefitted from it. We look to preserve the quality of its educational programs and services for generations of students and families to come. We encourage you to join us as Legacy NAFC members. If you are interested in learning more about Legacy NAFC membership and how your support can benefit NAFC schools, please contact Tyler Bliss of the NAFC Educational Foundation via email at tbliss@NAFCEdFoundation.org or via phone at 812-542-2228. We hope you will join us in showing your love for our alma mater! BECOME A LEGACY NAFC MEMBER TODAY!  https://nafcalumni.nationbuilder.com/legacy_nafc_membership
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