Meet the Willman/Dablow Family: 2020 Legacy NAFC Chairs

The Willman/Dablow family is honored to be the first chairs of the LEGACY NAFC Campaign. There has been a Willman buzzing around the halls of NAFCS every year since 1946! Passion and excitement for NAFCS shines and there is no shortage of Highlander and Bulldog pride in the Willman/Dablow family. Read more about the Willman/Dablow family here.

$25,000 Awarded To NAFCS Teachers for Classroom Resources

This week, the NAFC Education Foundation awarded $25,000 to 100 NAFCS teachers through their Great Classroom Project grant opportunity. Teachers may apply for $250 towards classroom resources and COVID-19 response resources. The Foundation has committed $75,000 to Great Classroom Projects this year and will continue to fund classroom needs until all funding is distributed. 

Great Classroom Projects were started in 2009 to provide additional resources to creative teachers for learning opportunities that enhance the educational and curricular objectives of their classrooms. Since that time, over $800,000 in classroom resources have been put into the hands of teachers and students in all 16 NAFC schools.

For more information, please visit:

Become a Legacy NAFC Member and Make an Impact!

Looking for a way to make a significant and positive impact on New Albany Floyd County (NAFC) schools? We encourage you to become a member of Legacy NAFC, an initiative of the New Albany Floyd County Education Foundation.

Legacy NAFC’s founding principle is that graduates of all NAFC schools, no matter their age or generation, benefitted from a top-class educational experience and have a shared understanding of the important academic, social and personal foundations provided by the district’s high schools. Through the program, conscientious alumni can give back to the community that shaped them to allow future generations of students to have those same experiences.

Members of Legacy NAFC assist the foundation in its goals of providing important resources for all students and teachers.

We strongly believe our school district deserves a tremendous amount of support from the alumni who have benefitted from it. We look to preserve the quality of its educational programs and services for generations of students and families to come.

We encourage you to join us as Legacy NAFC members. If you are interested in learning more about Legacy NAFC membership and how your support can benefit NAFC schools, please contact Tyler Bliss of the NAFC Educational Foundation via email at [email protected] or via phone at 812-542-2228.

We hope you will join us in showing your love for our alma mater!


Education Foundation Welcomes New Teachers with $100 Each

We had a fun morning meeting the 38 new teachers joining NAFCS! We awarded each educator with a $100 gift certificate to Teachers Pay Teachers to help them out in the year ahead. We appreciate all you do and wish you the best of luck!

THANKS to NAFCS Administrators, Teachers, and Staff

We so appreciate the hard work our NAFCS administrators, teachers, and staff are putting in right now to prepare for the year ahead. There are difficult decisions to be made. Let’s all raise up our educators and school staff members who have the best interest of our children and teachers at heart. Thank you so much to German American Bank for providing lunch for our ASC, ESC, and Facilities employees today!

2020-2021 NAFCS Re-Opening Plan

NAFCS is excited to release the 2020-2021 Back to School Plan. Families will have the option of choosing traditional or virtual school. Please see the link below for more details:

NAFCS Class of 2020 Graduation Plans Finalized

After receiving community feedback, NAFCS is excited to share with you that the graduation ceremony plan has been modified and finalized!

Get all the details here:

FCHS Administrator and Weekly Columnist Passes at 85


Terry Cummins left an impression all over Southern Indiana after serving as a teacher and administrator in Clark, Harrison, and Floyd County where he retired in 1991 as Assistant Principal of FCHS.

After retirement, Terry began a second life following Helen Keller's creed, "Life is an adventure or nothing." His adventures included running marathons, climbing mountains, trekking through many parts of the world, and his compulsion — writing. He ran his first marathon at age sixty-three, climbed his first mountain (20,000 feet) on his sixty-fourth birthday, published his first of over 760 articles at age sixty-six and published the first of six books at age sixty-nine.

You can purchase one of Terry's books, From a Barnyard to a Schoolyard, here:

His obituary can be found here:

The Many Benefits of Staying Active with NAFC Nation

If you're like many people, you may not have a very strong connection with your alma mater. Our lives change a lot after leaving high school. We go out into the world and start our adult lives. 

However, that doesn't mean you have to leave your alma mater behind for good. More than any yearbook, class ring or Facebook group, staying in touch and involved with New Albany or Floyd Central is a great way to keep ties to your formative years.

For some, it’s easy to keep close ties to their old stomping grounds. They might live in the area or have kids of their own attending school. It’s easy enough for them to stop in and have a chat with old teachers, familiar staff, friends, neighbors and acquaintances.

But even if you’re someone who placed considerable physical distance between your high school and your current life, you can still stay connected. Social media groups, monthly newsletters and even direct correspondence are all simple ways of staying engaged with everything that's happening in NAFC schools.

Why should you stay connected?

There are many great reasons to stay involved in your high school as an alumni—more than just for nostalgia’s sake:

  • High schools are always looking to highlight their successful alumni. From mentorships and speaking engagements to a feature in the newsletter, your alma mater wants to see that its students have gone on to achieve something.
  • Panels, workshops and seminars are all popular with staff and parents. Schools often seek leaders and contributors for these events and frequently find the best option is an alumnus.
  • Reconnecting with old teachers and peers through an alumni network helps you grow your personal and professional circles. There’s no telling what opportunities will come from simply reaching out to those who were important to you from your past.
  • If you’re someone in a position to donate time or money to your alma mater, being an active alumnus can afford you all sorts of benefits. This includes having a voice when it comes to the future direction of NAFC schools.
  • It’s fun! You’ll get the chance to connect with current students and staff and involve yourself in numerous ways. You might work directly with student organizations or assist administrators as they enrich the curriculum.

Your time as a student at NAFC Schools may be behind you, but your opportunities to involve yourself in the future of your alma mater have just begun. We encourage you to join NAFC Nation (if you haven't already) and stay tuned for further updates throughout the year.