Help Us Spread the Word: Share NAFC Alumni Nation with Your Contacts!

Greetings to all our members of NAFC Nation! We hope you are staying safe and well during these difficult times.

As you know, NAFC Nation is a fantastic source of information about events, reunions and celebrations for all NAFC alumni. The best way for us to get even more former students, friends and community members connected and involved is for our current members to share our information with their contacts.

If you have a moment, please consider sharing NAFC Nation in any of the following ways:

  • Social media: Social media is the fastest way for sharing our information to your contacts. One quick post, and your entire following is suddenly alerted to our community! It also makes it easy for anyone who sees your post to then share it with their contacts, as well.
  • Email: If you want to take more of a targeted approach, you can send emails out to specific individuals who you suspect will be interested in all that NAFC Alumni Nation has to offer. This will also help you reach people who might not be active on social media.
  • Conversation: Feel free to bring up NAFC Nation in casual conversations with your fellow alums! An actual conversation will generate more interest, as you’re able to explain to them more thoroughly what you have found beneficial about being a member and what you enjoy the most. You can also answer any questions they have.
  • Letters to local newspapers: Consider sending in letters to local newspapers with information about NAFC Nation. This will put the word out to people who you might not otherwise be connected with, but would be interested in becoming a member.

 We are so grateful for any assistance you can provide in helping us spread the word! Thank you and be well.

NAHS Class of 2020 Graduate with College Credits

Congratulations to these New Albany High School seniors, who are candidates for graduating high school with a Statewide Transfer Graduation Education Core Certificate (STGEC) or Associates Degree! As part of the STGEC, students can transfer a block of 30 credit hours to multiple Indiana colleges, including Indiana University, Purdue University, Ball State University and more. 

FCHS Baccalaureate

The Floyd Central High School Class of 2020 had a one-of-the-kind baccalaureate ceremony! To watch the video, click the button below.

2020 Graduation Plan

The 2020 NAFCS graduation ceremonies are scheduled for July 18. Floyd Central High School will have graduation at 10 a.m. with New Albany High School's starting at 1 p.m. Click the link to learn more.

Take a Look Back at the 2019-2020 School Year

A lot has changed during this school year. Our students achieved new milestones, won awards and were recognized statewide and even nationally for their achievements. They learned through hands-on lessons, research projects, group activities, and more. We came together for festivals, athletic events, and musical and theater performances.

Let’s pause to take a look back at the 2019-2020 school year that no one will soon forget.

NAHS Theatre Department Awarded Outstanding School Award

The Educational Theatre Association recognizes schools whose theatre programs exemplify and promote high standards of quality in educational theatre each year with the Outstanding School Award. This year four schools in the nation were honored and NAHS is one of the four!

We are honored and proud of the work our students do each and every day to promote the arts in our community and the dedication they give to the program at NAHS. We give the NAHS students and staff a standing ovation!


Non-Traditional Learning

NAFC Schools eLearning/non-traditional learning started today! Our dedicated teachers and staff have been hard at work building an e-learning system from the ground up.

Here is a link to a letter sent home to all student guardians:

NAFCS Parent e-Learning Letter


Theater 'Super Bowl': Floyd Central and New Albany chosen to perform at festival

NAHS My Fair Lady Play-1.jpg (copy)

Both Floyd Central and New Albany were chosen to perform at the 57th International Thespian Festival! Out of seven slots available for this festival, Indiana filled two... with both high schools being in our district. Good luck to each school as they perform on June 22-27.

Read more here: